Our Process

Discover the IronDrive Difference

At IronDrive Upstate South Carolina we are very particular in the way we do our garage epoxy coatings and it shows in our end results.

Our competitors use an acid etch process, which is not an approved flooring preparation technique. Problems occur if any trace of oil, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, road salts, or many other foreign substances remain on surface and significantly decrease the ability of any coating to bond to the floor.


As most people will be using this surface daily to drive their car on you can see how concrete flooring preparation is an essential part of the process We don’t want it to just look nice the first weeks or months – we want it to look great for as long as you own your house! We offer a lifetime warranty on all our floors.

Surface preparation is the single most important factor in determining long term bonding performance of a concrete coating. At Irondrive we do not cut corners. We have invested in the best equipment for all applications and get it right the first time. To prepare the surface for coating we literally remove the top layer (1/16 – 1/8 inch) of concrete. This process removes all contaminants and lets us apply our coating to a fresh clean surface.

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